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Fairyhouse Hall 

As part of the original pre-revolutionary land grant with the Daniel Boone settlements in the heart of bluegrass thoroughbred and bourbon country, the Hall remains true to its roots as an 18th century inspired sustainable farm where the soil feeds itself, the family who worked the land, and their guests.

Today, the farm is a Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Kentucky Proud Horse and Livestock Producer Agritourism site, and luxury private guest house and dining experience.  Fairyhouse Hall is proud to have been selected as part of the official Kentucky farms featured on the Kentucky Bourbon Distillery Trail; as well as having been featured in The Herald Leader, The Lane Report, and multiple luxury lifestyle blogs.


    The current owners and custodians Heather Haffey (Lady Heather Howard Haffey) and Chef Shane Haffey (Shane Martin Haughey) (NI) are honored to share with guests the transformational experience of "getting back to yourself," in a place of beauty. Partners for a quarter century, Heather and Shane are Master Gardeners, purveyors of heritage livestock breeds, avid fox hunters, and lifestyle and culinary historians.

    Their role as current custodians is to preserve the soil as well and play a small role in growing the farming, thoroughbred breeding and bourbon businesses thriving in the literal heart of Kentucky's bluegrass region.  These businesses are reliant on the bluegrass micro-climate, and limestone based soil for unique flavors, animal health, and character.  The French refer to this as the Terroir. (unique environmental factors that affect a crop or animal's environment contexts, which dictate farming practices, specific growth habitat and sustainability)

  As proprietors and purveyors, Shane and Heather share an ardent belief that food is love and medicine.  Their opinions diverge in one respect, where Chef Shane prescribes that "all sorrows are made better with bread," Heather would replace "bread" with "bubbles," with no disrespect to Miguel de Cervantes and his beloved Don Quixote.

Fairyhouse Hall Social Club

The Fairyhouse Hall experience embodies the authenticity of a life well-lived.  Set in a private country gentleman’s enclave and reached via one of Kentucky’s most scenic historic byways, the Georgian Hall's serves as the clubhouse with a collection of 6 en suite historically appointed rooms; each with amazing views of the grounds and formal gardens.

   The private dining experience with CheFarmer, Shane Haffey, is unprecedented in the South, affording members and their guests the opportunity to curate their own celebrations, from a  white linen barbecue to 6 course fine dining, with the choice of table settings, silver patterns and china.

   Fairyhouse Hall is designed to appeal to those, desiring body and soul nourishing, regardless of whether the purpose is revelry, retreat, respite, or all of the above.

     Fairyhouse Hall is an idea, and yes, a throwback, to a life where we were more engaged with the land and the people we cherish in our inner circle.

   It is about indulging in the taste, vision and richness of cultured life in the South; taking these pleasures beyond the stone walls and incorporating the Fairyhouse Hall state of mind into your everyday world. 


    Fairyhouse Hall is cherished by discerning members who take pleasure from the sporting life, lush and fertile land, formal gardens, architecture, art, fine food, and an extended cocktail hour.

Our Creed: 

   We believe that travel, holiday and staycation are not mutually exclusive and that all should be approached with the mindset of presence rather than productivity. 

   We believe that the art of sauntering should become the national past time.

   We believe that it is right and just to crave and appreciate beauty for beauties sake.

   We believe that those who work hard, are entitled to play hard; even if that means drinking bloodies and bubbles before noon, playing croquet and dozing on the chaise for the afternoon, and garden walking by moonlight.

   We believe that one should always dress for dinner; but that “dress” is a relative term and can mean black tie or a monogrammed bathrobe.

   We believe the paper invitations are essential for the survival of civilization but paper napkins are the bane of man’s existence as a sensual being.

   We believe that even though “to whom much is given, much is expected,” the dutiful deserve the Golden Ticket, the prefect's hall pass and the winning trifecta tote.

   We believe in the philosophy of Oscar Wilde that "Life is too important to be taken seriously."


3250 Delong Road Lexington, Kentucky 40515

Tel: 859-327-3277

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